UK Swimwear Has Moved To A New Home

UK Swimwear Has Moved To A New Home, What I Wear

UK Swimwear has now found a brand new home, right here, at What I Wear. But what exactly is What I Wear? And what is the story behind our latest move? Let’s take a look at the history of UK Swimwear and how we got to this point.

UK Swimwear started out as a secondary project to UK Tights, our other retailer. UK Tights has been around since 2005 and has always been the main project that we operate. In 2008, we launched UK Swimwear. We love leg wear, but we wanted to get into other types of clothing too. Swimwear was another area where finding it online was more difficult than you might imagine.

Eventually we started to branch out even more. In 2015 we started UK Lingerie. This, as the name suggests, was all about the more intimate items of clothing. But this is where things really changed for us. We realised that running three different websites was too much for a team of our size. We looked at our range and looked to see how we could solve this issue.

In 2021, we merged UK Lingerie and UK Tights under the latter name. This made plenty of sense. Suspender belts were found on UK Lingerie, because they are a type of lingerie. But they are meant to be worn with stockings, so they would be much better being placed with their leg wear counterpart. This made a lot of sense, so we merged the two. And people had a fantastic and much better shopping experience because of it.

Now, we are running into the same issue with our other items too. Over the past few years we have started to branch out into clothing too. We have activewear, clothing, leggings, trousers, tops, outerwear, and nightwear. All of this is now a part of our range, and so it didn’t really belong on either one site or the other. So now we have made a whole new website and brought as much of our range as we can into it. What I Wear is a final home and destination for any type of apparel. We are planning on expanding our range further, and that means our fans are going to see even more gorgeous items come to our range.

So take a look at What I Wear right now and find something spectacular that you will love.

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